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B Movies Slots


Get ready for a blast from the past! All of your favorite B movie characters meet in one online multi-line slot experience, which will have you reminiscing for hours. Download Now! FREE SPINS, MEGA WINS! FREE SLOTS! Game Features
► Cheesy MEGA wins!► 20 Reel Slots and YOUR choice of line count!► FREE Bonus Coin & Lucky Prize Wheel EVERY 4 hours► Retro HD graphics and HD sound► Level Up: Free coins, MORE lines, BIGGER bet max!► Double Down on slot machine wins Hobgoblins!► Auto-spin, free spins and mini games galore!► Save your winnings with boost multiplier! ► Wildcards at that wild party!► Want more great games and cool apps? Check our Other Games► Multilingual UI: free online slots in your language!